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Kingfisher Apex System



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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


The Thermo Scientific KingFisher Apex provides automated purification for DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells and is compatible with all magnetic separation technologies such DYNA beads and Miltenyi MACS beads. Building on decades of KingFisher product value and excellence, we’ve combined superior instrument capabilities with complete touchscreen-based control to deliver unrivaled flexibility and performance. The KingFisher Apex makes sample prep simple.


High-throughput purification - 1-96 samples per run

Choose from two plate formats - Wide 20 μL–5 mL volume range

Download protocols from our library Or easily customize protocols using ThermoScientific BindIt Software

Easy to install and run - Ready to run in 10 minutes or less

Simple workflow - Just follow the on-screen instructions

Ultraviolet lamp Decontamination is standard

Item ID #3981.

Last Updated: 21st June, 2023

Kingfisher Apex System

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