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Universal Air Sampling Pump


The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources

RESTRICTIONS Staff only (and only exceptionally available externally)
CONTACT 1 Katherine Curran
CONTACT 2 Josep Grau-Bove
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


The Universal Air Sampling Pump is suitable for particulate and vapour sampling and has both an inlet and an exhaust port to make bag sampling a breeze. ATEX approved and capable of flows between 5 and 4000 ml/min without requiring an adaptor.

Universal Deluxe five pump Combined kit (224-PCMTX8K5C) including: 5 Universal ATEX approved Deluxe Pumps 5-4000ml/min with NiMH battery packs, 5 operating manuals, 5 tool kits, five station charger, 5 lengths of Tygon tubing (1metre), 5 single adjustable tube holders, 5 protective tube covers, tube breaker 10 Cyclone cassettes, 5 Plastic Cyclone samplers, 5 IOM Multidust samplers, 10 IOM Multidust cassettes, calidaptor 3 Universal step by step guides and a carry case.

Item ID #3457.

Last Updated: 28th July, 2015

Universal Air Sampling Pump

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