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Upright Optical Microscope

MODEL Axio Scope.A1

Department of Chemical Engineering

CONTACT 1 Dr. Stefan Guldin
CONTACT 2 Niamh Mac Fhionnlaoich
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


Optical microscopy for transmitted and reflected microscopy with brightfield, darkfield, DIC, fluorescence, polarized light. XYZ motorised stage with temperature and atmosphere control (Prior H101, Linkam PE120, LTSE120). Objectives: EC Epiplan-Neofluar: 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x. LD Plan-Neofluar with correction collar 20x, 63x. Microspectroscopy with high-sensitivity spectrometer (Ocean Optics QE65000)

Item ID #3651.

Last Updated: 17th August, 2017

Upright Optical Microscope

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