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Institute of Neurology

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CONTACT 1 Sebastian Brandner
CONTACT 2 ucl.iqpath@ucl.ac.uk
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SITE Institute of Neurology


Our state of the art facility performs histological and immunohistochemical techniques on research and diagnostic specimens. Our main expertise is mouse and human histology of the central nervous system, but we cut up, embed, section and stain any other tissue.

We are specialised on paraffin sectioning and all our antibodies are optimised for formalin fixed, paraffin embedded material. If you are interested in frozen sectioning, please enquire at ucl.iqpath@ucl.ac.uk.

Our team can process large quantities (sectioning of up to 100 paraffin blocks per day) and we have the equipment to carry out 150 immunostainings per day. We are offering a large repertoire of antibodies for paraffin sections, (more than 100 antibodies optimised for human and more than 50 antibodies optimised for murine targets). We can also digitise slides, store the data and make them accessible via web browser (see our Digital Pathology section) .

In addition to histological techniques, we advise on histological analysis, in particular of the brain, and the spinal cord, on specific request. The facility is led by Professor Sebastian Brandner, who has expertise in human neuropathology and mouse phenotyping, with particular focus on developmental abnormalities, neuro-oncology and neurodegeneration.


The following instruments are operational in IQPath Equipment Description Brand Tissue processor LEICA Cassette printer Thermo Embedding centre LEICA Slide label printer Thermo Slide label printer Thermo Microtome LEICA Microtome LEICA Microtome LEICA Waterbath LEICA Waterbath LEICA Waterbath LEICA Automated Immunostainer Ventana/Roche Automated Immunostainer Ventana/Roche Automated Immunostainer Ventana/Roche Robotic Coverslipper LEICA Slide scanner with autoloader LEICA Slidepath Viewing software LEICA Slidepath Teaching software LEICA Image analysis software Definiens File server for Definiens Dell

Associated Items

  • Definiens Tissue Studio software

    Definiens Tissue Studio software

    Image analysis solution for quantitative digital pathology. For tissue quantification by providing morphological fingerprints and biomarker expression profiles on a cell-by-cell basis. Analyses full digital slides
    more details »

    • Manufacturer: Definiens, Munich Germany
    • Technique: Image analysis of pathology sldies
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Neurology
  • Leica Slidescanner

    Leica Slidescanner

    For digitising histological slides
    more details »

    • Manufacturer: Leica
    • Technique: High Resolution Scanning
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Neurology
  • Ventana Immunostainer

    Ventana Immunostainer

    more details »

    • Manufacturer: ROCHE Ventana Medical Systems
    • Technique: Immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridisation
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Neurology

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Last Updated: 20th January, 2014


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