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20K Vacuum Cryostat


Department of Space and Climate Physics

RESTRICTIONS Facility only to be used for clean space flight hardware. All materials to be installed in the chamber need prior approval by MSSL.
CONTACT 1 Alex Rousseau
CONTACT 2 Dave Linder
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A 10K vacuum cryostat. Vacuum is achieved through a 400L/sec turbomolecular pump. Heating and cooling of the cryostat is achieved through MSSL built closed loop thermal control system. Cooling is achieved by the use of a SHI-APD two stage Cryo cooler. Temperature monitoring is achieved by the use of dual Lakeshore model 218 monitors. Temperature sensors are Cernox thin film resistance cryogenic temperature sensors. The vacuum cryostat has an internal volume of 380mm diameter by 500mm height.


A vacuum cryogenic test facility capable of stable temperatures at 20K +/-0.3K

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Last Updated: 17th January, 2014

20K Vacuum Cryostat

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