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Thermo-Separation HPLC System

MANUFACTURER Thermo Scientific

Eastman Dental Institute

CONTACT 1 Jonathan Knowles
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SITE Eastman Dental Institute


The Main Unique Aspects Of The Machine: High precision detector (5 d.p. absorption units). The limit of detection varies according to the absorbance of the species but typically this equates to aspecies concentration of 0.2 ppm. Column oven that ensures reproducibility of retention time. Microprocessor controlled gradient pump ensuring low pulsation and therefore an even mobile-phase flow. Auto sampler that allows a maximum of 120 samples to be run unattended after which a shutdown program can reduce the flow to 0.1 ml / min to reduce mobile phase loss. The system is interfaced with Dionex Chromeleon v6.5 for fully automated unattended measurements and full quantification capabilities. This ensures high throughput and repeatability.


The Thermo-Separation products HPLC system is modular in style and consists of: Degasser that removes dissolved gas from the mobile phases so that on mixing, gas bubbles are not formed High performance gradient pump system consisting of two pumps working out of phase to ensure continuous flow Automatic sampler for unattended use High efficiency column UV detector PC for data acquisition

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Last Updated: 16th January, 2014

Thermo-Separation HPLC System

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