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Geometrics 858 Cesium Vapour Magnetometer

MODEL Geometrics 858 Cesium Vapour Magnetometer

Department of Earth Sciences

TRAINING No special training required.
CONTACT 1 Neil Hughes
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


In a magnetic survey variations in the Earth's magnetic field are measured. The method has the advantage of being one of the easiest and cheapest geophysical techniques to carry out, since large areas can be covered quickly at a low cost and few corrections to the field data are required.


Self-oscillating split-beam Cesium Vapor (non-radioactive CS-133). Operating Range: 18,000 to 95,000 nT (?) Heading Error: < ± 0.5 nT (?) Temperature Drift: 0.05 nT per deg C Gradient Tolerance: > 500 nT (?)/inch (>20,000 nT (?)/meter Cycle Rate: Variable from 0.1 sec to 1 hr in 0.1 sec steps or by external trigger. Internal Clock: Resolution of 0.1 sec, drift: < 1 sec/day Power: 1.12 VDC rechargeable gel cell, 6 hrs Magnetometer or 3 hrs Gradiometer usage. Magnetic effect less than 1 nT (?) at 3 ft. 2.Internal backup battery for clock and non-volatile RAM. External power input 12 to 34 VDC, 1 amp on turn-on, 600ma operating in magnetometer mode.

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Last Updated: 20th January, 2014

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