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Humidity chamber


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The HCP246 humidity chamber has up to 40 ramps for regulating temperature and humidity, active humidity control from 20% to 95%rh, and accurate temperature control up to 90oC. Its inner chamber consists exclusively of high-grade steel electropolished to ensure smooth surfaces and minimise contamination. Chamber heating is carried out from all six sides and combined with a turbulence-free chamber ventiallation ensures a uniformly homogeneous atmosphere. The chamber can be sterilised at 160oC in a 4-hour programme. The system is equipped with standard ‘Celsius’ software for remote control and documentation and with a MEMory Card XL for programming up to 40ramps for temperature and humidity setpoints and temperature documentation.


Vol 246L; Provision for 7 shelves; T range with humidity control 20-90oC; T range without humidity control 20-160 oC; Double temperature sensors Pt100 Class A; T variation in time ≤±0.1; T uniformity in chamber at 50oC ≤±0.3

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Last Updated: 20th January, 2014

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