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Microscope PALM Microbeam

MODEL PALM Microbeamâ„¢ system

Cancer Institute

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CONTACT 1 Robert Francis
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


The Zeiss Palm Microbeamâ„¢ system is used for intelligent selection and collection of clustered or single cells, chromosome spreads and tissue sections to be able to get the purest of samples for downstream analysis or live culture with no mechanical contact. Distinguishing by means of fluorescent markers and normal histological staining methods gives you the power to purify samples by marking samples according to the molecule of choice.


The process harnesses a highly focussed N2 laser (337nm) which is away from the absorption peaks of protein and DNA (256nm and 280nm respectively) so no damage will occur to molecules or cells to be analysed thereafter.

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Last Updated: 13th October, 2014

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