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FacsAria III

MANUFACTURER Becton Dickinson(manufacturer's website)

Institute of Child Health

AVAILABILITY Booking required (Weekdays 10am-6pm)
CONTACT 1 Ayad Eddaoudi
CONTACT 2 a.eddaoudi@ucl.ac.uk
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SITE Institute of Child Health


The facility has extended its cell sorting capability. We can now perform sorts on our new 5-lasers, 18-colours, 4-way FACSAria III. Most fluorochromes can be used on this instrument.


FACSAria III is equipped with 5 lasers:

near UV (375 nm) and Violet (405 nm), which are co linear and can accommodate up to 6 colours. argon blue laser (488 nm) allowing detection of FITC and one more fluorochrome excitable by this laser yellow/green laser (561 nm) allowing 5 colours detection red laser (647 nm) allowing 3 colours detection.

Item ID #1499.

Last Updated: 10th November, 2015

FacsAria III

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