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LSR II Analyser

MANUFACTURER Becton Dickinson

Institute of Child Health

AVAILABILITY Booking required
TRAINING Training is required to use this item and we can arrange this if needed.
CONTACT 1 Ayad Eddaoudi
CONTACT 2 a.eddaoudi@ucl.ac.uk
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SITE Institute of Child Health


The BD LSRII is an air-cooled multi-laser bench top flow cytometer. LSRII has the ability to acquire data simultaneously from 17 fluorochromes.


Our LSRII has four fixed-alignment lasers: 355 nm (2 colours), 405 nm (6 colours), 488 nm (6 colours), and 633 nm (3 colours). Light is collected by fiber optics and directed to user-configurable octagon and trigon detector arrays. LSRII is a very flexible flow cytometer. The facility’s LSRII can detect up to 5 Nanocrystals off the violet laser. With its true UV laser, it can make use of DAPI, Hoechst, and Indo-1 for viability, live cell cycle/Hoechst SP, and calcium flux respectively. The red laser extends LSRII capability by allowing the use of 3 more fluorochromes. LSRII is also a very fast instrument; up to 20,000 events per sec can be achieved.

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Last Updated: 10th November, 2015

LSR II Analyser

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