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E220 Focussed Ultrasonicator

MANUFACTURER Covaris(manufacturer's website)

Institute of Child Health

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CONTACT 1 Kerra Pearce
CONTACT 2 Rachel Williams
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SITE Institute of Child Health


The E220 Focused-ultrasonicator enables multi-sample batch preparation, capable of processing a wide range of sample types and volumes. The E220 may be programed to process from 1 to 96 samples in a single batch. Cell lysis: mammalian, bacterial, yeast, cfDNA Extraction from Plasma, DNA Extraction from Dried Blood Spots, DNA/RNA/Chromatin Shearing, DNA/RNA/Total NA/Protein Extraction from FFPE, Tissue lysis and extraction

Item ID #3967.

Last Updated: 9th February, 2023

E220 Focussed Ultrasonicator