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Direct Write Laser Lithography


London Centre for Nanotechnology

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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


The DWL 66+ laser lithography system is an economical, high resolution pattern generator for low volume mask making and direct writing. The capabilities and flexibility of this system make it the ultimate lithographic research tool in MEMS, BioMEMS, Micro Optics, ASICs, Micro Fluidics, Sensors, CGHs, and all other applications that require microstructures.


Substrates up to 9“ x 9“, Structures down to 0.6 μm, Address grid down to 10 nm, Real time auto focus system, 375 nm UV laser source, Vector and raster exposure mode, Exchangeable write modes, Camera system for metrology and alignment, Front to backside alignment, Climate chamber and Multiple data input formats

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Last Updated: 29th November, 2018

Direct Write Laser Lithography

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