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Temperature Controlled Cuvette Holder


Department of Chemical Engineering

CONTACT 1 Dr. Stefan Guldin
CONTACT 2 Niamh Mac Fhionnlaoich
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


qpod® – Customizable temperature-controlled sample compartment for use with Fiber Optic spectrometers

• Peltier‐driven for rapid, precise control ‐30 °C to +105 °C • Calibrated using a NIST-traceable thermometer • Variable-speed magnetic stirring • Dry gas purge • Thermometer probe input

Temperature Range* ‐30 °C to +105 °C Temperature Precision ±0.02 °C Probes Accepted Series 400 or Series 500 Standard Cuvette Size 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm O.D. Cuvette z-Height 8.5 or 15 mm


Item ID #3663.

Last Updated: 17th August, 2017

Temperature Controlled Cuvette Holder

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