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Contact Angle (DSA10)


London Centre for Nanotechnology

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The Drop shape analysis (DSA10, Krüss) at the LCN is a useful tool for determining the surface properties of solids and liquids using single or pendant drops respectively. The sessile mode is a contact angle technique used to quantitatively measure the wetting of a solid by a liquid. The contact  angle is determined by drawing a tangent at the contact  where the liquid and the solid intersect. The pendant mode allows the measurement of the surface and interfacial tensions of liquids.


Features of the DSA10 include:

Evaluation of the digitised drop image Measurement of the advancing and retreating contact angles by changing the drop volume Determination of the surface energy of a solid Built-in databases Zoom lens to optimise image size DSA1 software for fully automatic contact angle and surface tension measurements

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Last Updated: 20th January, 2014

Contact Angle (DSA10)

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