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ICH&GOS Imaging Facility - Confocal, Multiphoton and Widefield imaging

Institute of Child Health

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The facility includes state of the art confocal microscopes, image processing and analysis software.

The facility is equipped with two confocal microscopes:

  • Zeiss LSM 710
  • Zeiss LSM 880 with Spectraphysics Mai Tai eHP Deepsee multiphoton laser

The systems allow a range of experiments with fixed or live samples with environmental chambers (control of temperature and gases) available on all systems making it possible to perform experiments over long time courses. More specialised imaging experiments including spectral imaging, FRET and FRAP can also be performed on the confocal microscopes. LSM710 is an inverted system with a 32 channel spectral detector for spectral unmixing. LSM880 is an upright system with water dipping objectives and custom software for multiposition long term live imaging.

An hourly charge is applied for use and training on the confocal microscopes.

Associated Items

  • Confocal Microscope

    Confocal Microscope

    A Zeiss LSM 710 inverted confocal microscope with a wide range of excitation lasers.
    more details »

    • Manufacturer: Zeiss
    • Technique: Microscopy
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Child Health
  • LSM880 Confocal & Multiphoton microscope

    LSM880 Confocal & Multiphoton microscope

    Zeiss LSM880 confocal scanhead on an Examiner microscope with water dipping objectives. Equipped with Spectra-Physics multiphoton laser.
    more details »

    • Manufacturer: Zeiss / Spectra-Physics
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Child Health

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Last Updated: 7th November, 2015

ICH&GOS Imaging Facility - Confocal, Multiphoton and Widefield imaging

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