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Leica Slidescanner

MANUFACTURER Leica(manufacturer's website)

Institute of Neurology

AVAILABILITY 24/7 automated scanning
RESTRICTIONS Only trained staff
TRAINING Although training is required to use this item, we cannot arrange it for you.
CALIBRATED Yes, this item is calibrated.
Last Calibration: 1st June, 2016
Next Calibration: 1st June, 2017
CONTACT 1 Sebastian Brandner
CONTACT 2 ucl.iqpath@ucl.ac.uk
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SITE Institute of Neurology


Digital scanning of histology slides (LEICA SCN400F), storage of the data on a secure cloud server (UCL-IoN) and off-site viewing in any web browser (Slidepath Digital Image Hub). Digital slide analysis with a digital image processing software (Definiens Tissue Studio) can help analysing tissue microarrays and quantifying inclusions or cellular patterns in tissue sections.


The scanner takes standard histological slides. We also offer scanning of outsized slides containing whole mount specimens, such as brain.


Autoloader for 384 slides installed

Future Upgrades

Item ID #3113.

Last Updated: 24th October, 2019

Leica Slidescanner

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