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Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Equipment

MODEL Savannah S200

London Centre for Nanotechnology

AVAILABILITY 5 days per week
RESTRICTIONS Cleanroom Induction and Training required
TRAINING Training is required to use this item and we can arrange this if needed.
CONTACT 1 Steve Etienne
CONTACT 2 Vijayalakshmi Krishnan
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


Single combined vacuum and reaction chamber, providing:

  • High productivity in multi-user, mixed process environment through rapid temperature ramping by direct conductive heating of the substrate platen.
  • Minimal precursor consumption and short purge times through ultra-low volume of 430 cm^3.
  • Simple precursor residency extension by hardware stop valve (ExposureMode™) for HAR or porous substrates up to 2000:1, or future flexibility with low temperature processes.
  • Short learning curve and simple operation with no pressure balancing requirements.

Manifold delivery of precursors providing:

  • Robustness in multi‑user environment with inexperienced users through very short precursor tubing, (approx. 6cm from manual precursor valve to ALD valve) and reliable uniform heating of precursor paths.
  • Precursors exchange in minutes by the user with minimal training or clean room supervision.
  • Pre-conditioning of the precursor path (the manifold is a topological extension of the chamber) allowing option to precondition the total wetted route with a new solid surface which no-longer participates in the ALD process. (Not possible with single line delivery or delivery by two separate manifolds (precursor and oxidant separate manifolds).
  • Experiment flexibility in multi-user environment through all precursor ports being capable of liquid, solid and gaseous precursors interchangeably.

Materials and Precursors at LCN

Port Film Precursor acronym Precursor name

1 N/A H2O DI water

2 Al2O3 TMA Trimethylaluminum

3 HfO2 TDMAH Tetrakis(dimethylamido)hafnium(IV)

4 SiO2 TDMAS Tris(dimethylamino)silane

5 ZrO2 TDMAZ Tetrakis(dimethylamido)zirconium(IV)

6 N/A Ozone Ozone

Intuitive single-screen GUI for almost all system operations, providing:

  • Minimal user learning curve or supervision requirements.
  • Multi-user productivity.
  • Windows 7 operation.

Free daily support via ALDSupport@ultratech.com providing:

  • Scientist to scientist support.
  • Typically same day detailed response and continued dialogue.
  • Process and recipe support.
  • Maintenance support.

Free access to recipe database providing:

  • Access to fully detailed and qualified recipe sheets for the full Ultratech database.
  • (As a starting point, system will be delivered with fully detailed recipes for aluminium oxide, hafnium oxide, silicon oxide and zirconium oxide.) Local UK maintenance support through Omni/IES Engineers.


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Last Updated: 10th April, 2017

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Equipment

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