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Calibration Gas Generator

MODEL Model 150 Dynacalibrator

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources

RESTRICTIONS Staff only (and only exceptionally available externally)
CONTACT 1 Katherine Curran
CONTACT 2 Josep Grau-Bove
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


The Dynacalibrator 150 is a compact, full-featured calibrator capable of delivering the precise concentrations you require. A passivated glass-coated permeation chamber houses the permeation device(s), with measured inert carrier gas sweeping the calibration gas/vapour from the chamber. The digital temperature controller maintains the chamber temperature at a set point with an accuracy of ±0.01°C, traceable to NIST standards. The wide range of temperature settings (5°C above ambient to 110°C) means the end user can generate a wide range of volumetric concentrations for both low and high vapour pressure chemical compounds, establishing or changing the desired volumetric concentration by simply varying the carrier flow.

Features: CE-certified; Temperature control with an accuracy of ±0.01°C from 5°C above ambient to 110°C; Ultra compact; PPB to high PPM range.

Item ID #3483.

Last Updated: 5th August, 2015

Calibration Gas Generator

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