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Cressington CFE-60


Institute of Ophthalmology

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SITE Institute of Ophthalmology


Freeze Fracture/Deep Etch - specimens are prepared using a Cressington CFE-60 desktop freeze fracture unit employing an airlock system that facilitates rapid handling of multiple specimens whilst retaining a clean dry vacuum. The system has high and low angle electron bombardment guns for guns for metal and carbon deposition whose thickness is measured by dedicated quartz crystal monitors. The gun design and power supply permit the use of either tungsten tantalum or platinum carbon as contrasting metal. The sample stage permits both rotary and unidirectional shadowing. For FESEM imaging the Cressington can also serve as a high resolution sputter coater depositing platinum or chromium at ambient or cryo-temperatures.

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Last Updated: 17th January, 2014

Cressington CFE-60

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