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Langmuir Blodgett System with Parallel Troughs for Multilayer Deposition


Department of Chemical Engineering

CONTACT 1 Dr Stefan Guldin
CONTACT 2 Dr Alaric Taylor
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


High performance Alternate Layer Combination System. PC controlled instrument for of unsupervised deposition of alternating Langmuir-Blodgett films, deposition of monolayers and Langmuir-film experiments. Interface • Built-in LCD display for displaying real time surface pressure and barrier position values • Spill-proof membrane keyboard for manual control of barriers and dipper • USB connection to the PC computer • Subphase temperature control (incl. temperature probe and software) • Interface for pH probe • Interface to a magnetic stirrer • Analogue input for monitoring external analogue voltage signal (±10Vdc) during the experiment 2 x Barrier drive with symmetric compression by two inter-linked surface barriers • Dimensions:L908 x W311 x H293 mm • Maximum Barrier speed up to 200 mm/min • Barrier speed resolution 0.1 mm/min 2 x Super Sensitive film balance with Pt- and Paper Wilhelmy plates • Maximum balance load up to 1 g • Sensing resolution 0,1 μN/m • Measuring range up to 300 mN/m" 2 x Langmuir-Blodgett Trough Top • Form sintered solid piece, non-porous PTFE • Surface area 930 cm2 (L775 x W120 x D10 mm3) • Dipping well dimensions per compartment W 106 mm, D 110 mm (total size half a circle radius 133mm and depth 128mm) • Maximum sample size T3mm, Disk diameter 102 mm • Total sub phase volume 6000 ml • Removable within seconds for cleaning purposes or for exchanging with other compatible trough tops 2 x Pair of hydrophilic Delrin barriers Dipper for fully automatic and software controlled operation for LB-film depositions on solid substrates: • Comes on a separate stand with height adjustment • Sample holder clip • Maximum sample size diameter 102 mm • Adjustable speed range 0.1 – 85 mm/min" http://www.biolinscientific.com/ksvnima/

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Last Updated: 5th September, 2017

Langmuir Blodgett System with Parallel Troughs for Multilayer Deposition

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