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Reactive Ion Etcher

MANUFACTURER Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

London Centre for Nanotechnology

TRAINING No special training required.
CONTACT 1 Steve Etienne
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


A compact open-loading tool for plasma etch and deposition, offering multiple process technologies Plasma Pro NGP80 offers versatile plasma etch and deposition solutions on one platform with convenient open loading. This compact, small footprint system is easy to site and easy to use, with no compromise on process quality.


It is ideally suited to R&D or small-scale production, and can process from the smallest wafer pieces to 150mm wafers. The system is optimised for the etching of layers of Silicon, Silicon Oxide, Silicon Nitride and similar layers. It complements the STS PECVD tool which can deposit these layers.

Item ID #2449.

Last Updated: 17th January, 2014

Reactive Ion Etcher

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