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GasBench II Carbonate Device

MANUFACTURER Thermo Scientific
MODEL Gas Bench II

Department of Earth Sciences

TRAINING No special training required.
CONTACT 1 Anne-Lise Jourdan
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


The Gasbench is designed for headspace analysis. It is used for the isotopic analysis of water via equilibration (with CO2 for 18O and with H2 plus catalyst for DH), DIC and carbonates (after acid addition), breath (CO2), air (CO2, O2, N2), potentially DOC (batch mode), etc. A CTC Pal autosampler is used to inject the sampling needle into the vial and a He flow mixes with and pushes some the headspace gas out through a Nafion drying tube and a sampling loop. The sampling loop periodically switches so the that the gas in the sampling loop is directed to a GC, another drying tube, and then the open split to the mass spec for analysis.

Item ID #1029.

Last Updated: 16th January, 2014

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