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Thermo MAT253

MANUFACTURER Thermo Scientific

Department of Earth Sciences

TRAINING No special training required.
CONTACT 1 Anne-Lise Jourdan
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


The KIEL IV Carbonate Device uses the principle of individual acid baths. Storage, transfer and chemical reaction of phosphoric acid at elevated temperatures operate under full temperature con- trol. CO2 evolves in septum-free vials and diffuses under medium vacuum pressure into a cryogenic trapping system. Water and non- condensable gases evolved during phosphorolysis are removed from the CO2 gas phase under high vacuum in the first trap. Prior to transfer into the microvolume, the CO2 pressure is monitored and, if required, the CO2 sample size can be reduced by expansion into a defined volume. In the microvolume, the dry CO2 is prepared for analysis in a dual microvolume inlet system which features a new design of the microvolume on the sample side. Thermo Scientific* MAT 253* stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer system delivers the highest sensitivity and precision for the determination of isotope ratios. It provides a flexible and open platform for the connection of inlet systems and preparation devices.

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Last Updated: 17th March, 2014

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