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Perkin Elmer Diamond DSC

MODEL Diamond

Eastman Dental Institute

CONTACT 1 Jonathan Knowles
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SITE Eastman Dental Institute


The Perkin-Elmer Diamond DSC is a unique power-compensation DSC, offering sensitivity and insights into materials processes. It is designed where the sample and reference pans are heated by two independent furnaces embedded in a temperature-controlled heat sink. This allows sophisticated analysis when performing the direct measurement of heat flow into or out of a sample The power compensation DSC design leads to sharper peaks and high sensitivity. Additionally, benefits include true isothermal operation, modulated temperature DSC (StepScan) technique and HyperDSC™ for dramatic enhancements in sensitivity, as well as greater productivity.


Features Of Diamond DSC Include:

Unique power-compensation design Highest caloric accuracy Superior signal resolution and sensitivity Multiple cooling options for a temperature range of -170 °C to 725 °C HyperDSC™, the leading fast scan DSC technique StepScan, for Modulated Temperature DSC

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Last Updated: 16th January, 2014

Perkin Elmer Diamond DSC

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