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CAM 200 Goniometer


Eastman Dental Institute

CONTACT 1 Jonathan Knowles
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SITE Eastman Dental Institute


The CAM 200 consists of a camera, lens, light source and PC interface, illustrated in the top left figure. It collects images of the fluid surface interaction and stores them digitally. These images are then processed to provide the contact angle at each side of the drop, surface tension and drop volume as shown in the top right figure.


The camera has a resolution of 512 x 480 pixels and runs at a maximum frame rate of 25 fps. Illumination is provided by a pulsed LED source. This provides a monochromatic light source, improving the image sharpness and decreasing sample heating. The lens has a zoom configuration allowing different sizes of drops to be measured while retaining optimal resolution. A tilt stage enables dynamic contact angle measurements to be made. A precision syringe allows precise control over the drop volume. The software enables simple, accurate calculation of the contact angle, surface tension and volume.

The Main Unique Aspects Of The Machine: The software is capable of capturing a large number of images at defined time periods, this is very useful for looking at the variation of contact angle with time. The tilt stage enables dynamic analysis of contact angle. This give quantitative data on both advancing and receding contact angles which can determine the contact angle hysteresis. The hysteresis is related to the homogeneity of the sample surface. Roughness and surface heterogeneity contribute to the hysteresis.

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Last Updated: 16th July, 2014

CAM 200 Goniometer

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