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LCN Cleanroom Facility


London Centre for Nanotechnology

RESTRICTIONS Health and Safety Induction and specific equipment trainig required
TRAINING Training is required to use this item and we can arrange this if needed.
CONTACT 1 Steve Etienne
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SITE Bloomsbury Campus


The Main clean room contains many items of specialist equipment equipment, that encompass the techniques of photo-lithography, Electron beam lithography, Chemical Etching and Cleaning, Physical Vapour Deposition, Plasma Etch and Plasma Deposition, and Characterisation.

The associated Back End Laboratory has equipment for cutting, assembly wire bonding and electrical testing.

The Smaller Cleanroom houses two Focused Ion Beam tools for Nanostructuring


Cleanroom Class ISO 6 (ISO Standard 14644-1) Class ISO 5 Workstations for photo lithography equipment Temperature 20 degrees C +- 2 degrees C Humidity 45%Rh to 55% Rh

Cleanroom Class ISO 7 (ISO Standard 14644-1) Temperature 20 degrees C +- 2 degrees C Humidity 45%Rh to 55% Rh

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Last Updated: 29th November, 2018

LCN Cleanroom Facility

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